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  • We believe in doing honest work for a competitive price. We do not cut corners and want to give our customers the best product for their money. My team believes in always being on time and following through on our promises.

    Kitchen Remodel Nashville
    Kitchen Remodel Nashville

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     When dealing with people, I have found that there are a lot of homeowners out there that have had a bad experience with a contractor. Your home is a sacred place and many times, the largest purchase of your lifetime. By understanding this we have a better knowledge of our clients wants and needs. When you are spending your hard earned money on your home, you should know what you are going to get and enjoy the process.
    Punch List Construction specializes in kitchen and bath remodels while also doing full home renovations and additions. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and accountabilty in the workplace. We also offer consulting services that will allow a homeowner to come up with a great plan before hiring a contractor. We work closely with interior designers and architects to make all of your dreams come true.
    Bathroom remodel Nashville

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    See for yourself what we are all about… You won’t be dissapointed.